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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Ramblings...

It's snowing.

But not enough. I know many hate the snow, but I don't. In fact, you know that seasonal depression disorder people have, where their spirits literally feel depressed because it's been winter too long? Well, I have whatever the OPPOSITE of that is. I need the snow - like in my soul. Frankly, I am disappointed that the most we have gotten at one time this season has been a couple of measly inches. I want a big daddy, 8 incher storm.

Despite my disappointment in the weather, life otherwise is going swimmingly.

My sister's shower went off without a hitch. It was hands-down the most beautiful shower I have ever seen and she looked so happy all day. I can hardly wait for the next month to hurry up so we can get to the big wedding day!

Quinn started indoor soccer a couple of weeks ago and it's been really fun. I especially enjoy seeing him becoming more aggressive as an athlete, which I believe translates into a passion and aggressive goals in real-life too. He is more confident (sometimes TOO confident?) in social situations and I love seeing the person he is becoming. He is a perfect blend of my husband and me. He has both of our best qualities and we're so lucky to be his parents.

This weekend is the Rogers Parent Prom. This event began 5 yrs ago after I had a dream (I know it sounds all Martin Luther, but I really did!). After noticing the severe lack of parental support we see at our high school, I had a dream that we hosted an event (in my dream, it was called a Mom Prom, similar to what I believe St.John's high school does) where our kids could have the chance to bond with their parents and have a good time. So many of our kids rarely see their parents and when they do, their time together is not relaxing or fun. So, I brought the idea to our Asst.Principal (at the time) and she supported it wholeheartedly. So, the Parent Prom began. The name is misleading - it is a very laidback dance. Most attenders wear jeans, which is exactly what we wanted. If we had made it like a "real" prom, the majority of our parents would not have been able to afford the outfit alone, much less the dance ticket. We kept the cost very affordable (only $5) and we offer cookies, punch and some rockin oldies. :)  It is, in my humble opinion, the very best event our school has all year. It just warms my heart to see our "tough" kids cutting loose to some Marvin Gaye or Temptations with their grannies, moms, dads and foster families. I cant wait!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR... parents who are doing a great job, despite their circumstances, and loving their babies exactly how they should!

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