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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A dozen reasons I love Pinterest.

So, lately I have been seeing numerous funny posts on Facebook where people have attempted Pinterest ideas, only to have them turn out to be utter failures. (*see below*)

I have to admit - I have had several of these myself and have cursed Pinterest more than once for making me feel like I have two un-crafty thumbs and cook blindfolded.  However, if there is one thing I can attest to,  it is the FASHION section of Pinterest. Whenever I need a new look or have an event, I immediately hit my keyboard to scour Pinterest and check out what looks have been posted. This has proven successful for me more than once, and I often find myself saying, "I would never have put those together!" 

Pinterest is fashion catnip for me.

Typically, I will find an outfit I like on there,  and assess three things:
1. Do I already own any of the pieces?
2. Would I make any changes for my own style/taste?
3. What are my chances of finding it at Goodwill/Savers or a resale shop?

More often than not, my answer to all 3 are positive. From that point on, I search for the individual items of that outfit whenever I am out, (even at Meijer!)  until I have located all the pieces. 

Look, I know this makes me a copycat. But I do not have very good ideas when it comes to fashion, on my own. I desperately need a starting point, which Pinterest gives me.

Thus, because I am a huge dork, and to prove that not ALL of the "Pint" is a fail, I have put together a compilation of some of my favorite Pinterest fashion success stories. Full disclosure- my favorites are the last two.

Here we go....

1.  I loved the yellow pop of this outfit, but could NOT find a yellow belt. Thus, I made do with a yellow scarf instead. I already had the silver pants and yellow pumps (some of my favvvvs). 

2.  This outfit was so simple, I already had the pieces in my closet. 

3.  Again, I had both of these pieces already, but never paired them together.

4. Whoda thunk of sequins over denim? 

5. Love this one.

6. I find this awkward still. Trying to fix it...

7.   I don't look good in button-up shirts.

8. I don't have a pink blazer (yet?) and I don't like white skirts, so I tweaked this. 

9.  I was thrilled to find this skirt at Goodwill, after seeing this outfit. The blazer was expensive, but I have had it for a few years.

10. This isn't exact, but I used what I had.


11.  ONE OF MY FAV PINTEREST LOOKS. I was obsessed with this from the moment I saw it. After much searching, I found some cute shorts from the Victoria's Secret catalog and then got this shirt, which still has the tags on it. I just can't find the right place to wear it yet. 


12. I loved this look. Took me a month to find a similar blazer (on clearance!) but I love the look.