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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love weddings.

And by saying that, I mean I am a wedding freak, in every way possible. I love the dress, the cake, the flowers, the songs... I love, love, LOVE weddings. I have never turned down a wedding invite and I'd probably go to a wedding, even if I wasnt invited - and even if I didnt know the couple. In fact, I may have already done that. ...Twice.

I just love them. I used to think it was the symbolism of it all - the vows, the forever, the commitment... Now, I realize I am just a sucker for pretty things and weddings have a lot of pretty things. I have been in 8 weddings, not including my own, and loved every one.

It should come as no surprise that when my sister got engaged 6 months ago, my wedding pulse began to rage. I could barely stop myself from dragging her to the bridal store the very DAY she got engaged, and I'm pretty sure I shoved her fiance out of the way to see the ring. New brother-in-law be damned, there was bling to see.

Planning my OWN wedding was not nearly as fun as being a spectator. That was work. I can remember sitting there with 100 swatches of colors in front of me as we chose our invitations, my husband-to-be staring blindly at the colors with me, (as if he had a real say anyway, or cared what color they were), and I realized that it was much more fun NOT to be the chooser.

So, with Sarah's wedding, I am getting the best of both worlds. I get to be surrounded by all things BRIDAL 24/7, but never really have the pressure of the decision on my shoulders. I think she should stay engaged forever. Her wedding is in 56 days and I'm not sure what will occupy my time once it passes. I may be weeping at the altar just BECAUSE it is over.

I fear that my sister's wedding may be the last wedding in which I am a part. Most of my friends have been married off or arent the type to have a bridal party, which leaves me relishing in my "maybe-last" experience in one. (I am available for rent at a nominal fee. You can pay me in pew bows and I make a helluva bridesmaid.) Just saying....

My hubby and me at my (okay "our")  wedding.

                               My sister showing off her bling, last July.
Allibird and Me on her weding day :)

                                Kirsten and Scot on their gorgeous day.
Prayer around the groom
 So much joy at weddings!


  1. um... *raises hand*... are you forgetting someone? i think you promised to be there every step of the way. dont think youre getting off scot free. ;) then again, we ARE talking about hope and wedding here. long shot, i know. lol.