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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Introducing Grape Taffy!

I caved.

After years of posting blogs on Myspace and Notes on Facebook, I finally started my own blog. You should know that for years, I resisted. I love to read blogs and I even religiously follow a few that I find worthy/interesting, but I never wanted to start one of my own because, honestly, who cares what I write? Who am I to post my life's experiences or ramblings?

I still kind of feel that way. What changed, however, was my way of perceiving my blog. It hit me one day while I was writing down yet ANOTHER hysterical thing my son said. "Wait a second!" I thought to myself. "The blog isnt FOR others. It's for ME!" Suddenly, it all made sense.  I have SO MANY occurrences throughout my normal day where I think, "I swear if anyone was with me, they would NEVER believe what just happened!" Well, now you're all going to hear about them.

This blog is open to whomever wishes to follow, read, laugh or enjoy. However, you should know that when I write here, it is for my own sanity, my own memories, my own reflection.

Having said that, a few quick rules by which I am staunchly abiding:

1. This blog will not hurt, harm or single out anyone. That isn t me and aside from an occasional jab at stupidity in action, I really do live a life FREE from bullying of all kinds.
2. This blog is NOT going to be a reflection of my career choice as a high school English teacher. This doesnt mean I wont write about teaching- It means that all Web Grammarians who think it is fun to highlight every typo, every grammar error, every mis-spelled word can just take a seat now.  This is for ME- not you and nobody likes a show off.  Bite your tongue. I'm going to use "aint." Get over yourselves. I'l start by making the first typos here - "your wlecome." :)
3. I plan on using the blog for whatever my spirit leads me to, each time I post. Often it will be funny stories, sometimes it might be poetry I like or song lyrics that touch me, and maybe (just maybe) it will serve to inspire or motivate.
4. I am going to end the blog each time with something for which I am thankful.

 Before I end my first post, I should explain why the blog is called GRAPE TAFFY.

 I hate Grape Taffy. I hate all taffy. I'm not really keen on the idea that anything long and chewy that looks and smells like plastic might be fun to consume. Blech.

The name is actually a reference to an inside joke between my husband and me. Many moons ago, when we were first dating, (verrrrrry early on) we were discussing relationships and in his own boyish way, he was trying to explain to me why some relationships are so great and others are so terrible. "I love taffy," he started. "And when I open a bag of taffy, my favorite ones are the grape ones." Obviously, I was not following, so he continued. "So, sometimes I will eat the entire bag so that at the end, I only have grape flavors left and I can REALLY enjoy them- just one after another."

 I must have nodded as if I understood because then he said, "But you see, in relationships, you cant do this. Everyone has a lot of flavors to their personality and too many people wait until the LAST second to show their "grape" flavor. They wait until just before their significant other has had ENOUGH or is walking out the door and then they want to suddenly be this amazing GRAPE goodness.  In a relationship, you gotta always be willing to give your BEST to your partner, even when it's difficult - not just save it for when your "other flavors" arent doing the trick. "

In that moment, "grape taffy" became our thing. Even today, when one of us goes out of our way for the other or even needs more from the other, we just have to say "Grape Taffy" and we remember that it is our responsibility to always be our best for each other. Even when it's hard. Even when our other 'flavors' would be easier.

We work every day at being our BEST flavor - not just to each other but to those we love and care for. Grape Taffy.

And even though I hate grape taffy, I sure love sharing mine with him. :)


TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR... a husband who loves me, puts me first and makes me feel beautiful all the time.

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  1. What a great post. And what a great thought from Sean. He's quite a philosopher. I look forward to reading your stuff. You know I think you're hilarious.